A Letter To Someone I love (Part 1)

15 Apr

Sometimes I’m confused why I choose you and wanna be with you. But it has been more than two years since you saw all the parts of my body that worse over time. And although in the eye of the beholder I’m not as beautiful as your angel and those ladies around you, we are still together.
Having someone that always love and never leave me was my past desire. But in this abnormal relationship, I need someone who teaches me some precious lessons I never got before.
I don’t want to depend on you to be happy. I need to be able to be happy without you. But with you, I want to be happier.
I don’t want to feel lost, lonely, and incomplete without talking to you. I need to be able to still feel complete without you. But with you, I want to become so much better.
I want myself to be the only person that I can and ought to rely on. And with you, I want to be stronger.
I want to grow individually and be an independent woman. And there you are, always have my back and be there to support me.
When I say my life isn’t worth living anymore, I want you to rise me up to live again.
My mind may say that it won’t be easy. But don’t go, just stay.
And if loving you may hurt me so bad, then I will love you so hard.
I tell you what? I don’t want you, but I really fucking need you. I want you to want me.


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