A Letter To Someone I Love (Part 2)

05 Mei

Hi you, how have you been?
This morning I asked whether I can place my hope in you or not. There is nothing wrong in wanting you, right? I need to live with a greater sense of purpose. The purpose of life is a life of purpose. And I need to focus on it. If I can place my hope in you, then you are my purpose. If I have purpose, I need to get it. No matter who you are, whom you’re with, and what others say, if I have decided to focus on it, I will sacrifice and work for it as well. And I tell you what! When you give me some, I will give you some more. But if you don’t respect me, I have no reason to respect you. And if you don’t make time for me but you can make time for her and others, I will do the same for you. That’s me, dear..
You have your freedom. No report needed. You can go out and keep doing what you’re doing. I just want you to respect me as your lady. I don’t want you to be my fucking prisoner.


Your Albino

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